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Let's Japan

Teaching English in Japan:
A Professional Journey

by Dale Bay, MA TESOL
(Teachers College-Columbia University)

Lecturer at Keio University, Aoyama Gakuin University, Toyo Eiwa University, Tsurumi University and Keio Junior College of Nursing

Are you thinking of coming to Japan to teach English as a Second Language (ESL)?

Are Japanese, the people who brought karaoke to the world, really "shy"?

How would you teach "conversation" to ESL classes of 55 15-year old Japanese high school students?

How would you judge an English speech contest in Japan?

Did you know that nearly every foreign teacher in Japan is legally considered "part-time"

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In 183 terse, often funny pages, Dale Bay looks at getting and keeping an ESL job in Japan, teaching ESL in Japan, using professional qualifications to move up the "food chain," coming to terms with the "gaijin" life in Japan, short-term or as a de facto immigrant--and more! Dale Bay is a former English Education columnist for the English-language newspaper "The Daily Yomiuri" and has extensive classroom experience teaching for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Board of Education (TMGBE) as an ALT. He taught Grades 8 to 12 at Denenchofu Futaba Junior and Senior High Schools for seven years. His teacher-training experience includes presenting workshops at JALT, ACTJ and for ALTs employed by the TMGBE. Dale was TESOL Course Director for McKendree College (Japan) where he designed and managed the 60-contact hour teacher training programme. He is now an adjunct-university lecturer.

Each chapter has a summary in Japanese
Available only in Japan

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